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Sour dough starter

I love tasty bread, and sour dough baking is one of those things that fascinates both me and the kids to no end. Microscopic life turns a pile of dry and wet ingrediences into a bubly unwieldy mass and heat turns it into bliss with butter on it.

But how to start if there is no sour dough to be found, with no bake-o-files in close proximity and no friendly bakery around the corner?

Well, don’t fret no more. Making a sour dough starter (the equivilent to a package of yeast) is as easy as 1-2-3. All i takes is a container, some flour, a splash of water and a healthy dose of patience.

  1. Take a glas jar and fill about half of it with the flour of your choice. Wheat is probably the easisiest to get going, but most will work just fine.
  2. pour in some room temperature water, about 25% of the jars total volume.
  3. Stir. If it turns into a dough, add more water. It should be semi-liquid but with some resistance.
  4. Let it stand in your kitchen with the lid of for 2-3 weeks.
  5. After 2-7 days you’ll most likely see bubles in the jar and if you sniff it there will be a strong alcoholic tone.
  6. After 2-3 weeks the smell will have mellowed some and it will be ready to use in a sourdough :)

More on baking with your new friend in posts to come.



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