4-Hour Workweek – Review

I've had jobs that I hated.

Not all jobs. Not the one I have right now (self-employed IT consultant), but more than I would like.

A job that you hate can break you down.
It crushes your dreams. It steals your energy. It makes you a tired, bitter and depressed human being.

I do not want you to be a tired, bitter and depressed humans.
People like that are not fun to hang out with, but above all, it's a terrible waste of the miracle that is human life and intelligence.

Tim Ferriss ripped out his soul on job after job, and quit job after job.
He was constantly looking for the job that would give him everything he thought he wanted. Everything society told him that he wanted.
Money, status, recognition from authority ...

The problem was that it was not those things that he himself wanted, not deep down in the crevices of his soul.

What Tim wanted was happiness, positive challenges, love and time to explore their passions.

Now Tim is famous, rich and has a lot of status. But not because he's got the right job, but as a side effect of doing what he loves and doing it effectively.

"The 4-Hour Workweek" is a book that mixes Tim's own stories with others, in a style that is more or less a guidebook for how to design for his life to what you really want to live.

This is a book that is filled with illustrative stories (fables with people) and practical exercises to define and reach your life goals. Some may feel hard, some a bit extreme, most based on someone else's thoughts. But it does'nt matter. As long as you treat them with an open mind, they will make you start questioning your ingrained thinking and open you up to new ideas.

When was the last time you broke up with an old way of thinking? It's an exciting, uplifting feeling that gives you a glimpse of what is possible. Do it as often as you can.

Some of the things that Tim gives you the opportunity to work with are: to train yourself in the art of suggesting, to behave like a stubborn two year old, dreamlining, doing nothing, or how to plan a mini-retirement.


"I have had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened"

Mark Twain

I have not done every excersize that Tim suggests, but I've started on a few. I've practiced to suggest instead of asking and have begun to dreamline to get a picture of what I really want to do going forward. Some exercises I have reflected on, some I have modified and implemented in my everyday life. So far I have only had positive results and am glad that I have tried. Do not be afraid to try, the worst possible consequence is usually much milder than you think.

Your life goals will differ from mine, but be sure to define your goals. Do not settle for one goal and do not be afraid to add or subtract as you go along. As far as we know, we only get one chance to live, so make the most of the opportunity you have. Not in order to make others jealous or proud, but in order to be happy and to become the kind of person that you would like to spend time with.

Strive to become your own role model. Strive to live your life.

With an open mind and a willingness to actually do, not just talk, this book can be a much needed inspiration and push in the right direction.

Give it a chance. I'm here if you have questions or concerns, we can sit down and come up with the answers together.

With love

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