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I have a passsion for audio. The worlds it can conjure and the information it can realate in an easy format.

One aspect of audio that I am particularly in love with is podcasting. To bring along a friend I've never met, who don't even know who I am, wherever I go is simply amazing!

No matter if I'm driving to work, renovating my house or working my garden, I will always have a freindly voice along telling me all sorts of interesting stuff and making my day more fullfilled.

This is a list of podcasts that I enjoy on a regular basis along with a few samples that I've enjoyed in particular. I hope they will make your days and nights richer and that they will help to broaden your mind.





The Survival Podcast

Everything from growing your own food to personal finance, to think for yourself and helping neighbors.

Jack Spirko who runs The Survival Podcast is extremely productive, producing five one-hour shows per week, of which two to three are interviews with everything from economists and gardeners to small-scale butchers and recycling experts.

Recomended episodes:

Brandon Sheard, The farmstead meatsmith on curing meats

What is permaculture and why should I care?

Dan Carlins Common Sense

Personal and in depth reflections on current events in the US and the rest of the world, seen mainly from  an american perspective.

 The shows are semi-contemporary but still relevant in a longer time span, especially the episode that adress more fundamental values such as why you shouldnt torture, ever.

The main page with the current and the past 10 episodes

Hardcore History

The main reason for why Dan does'nt publish Common Sence more often is that he has to locks himself in a closet and read 50 obscure books on a specific event in history.

That takes time, but the upside is that the result of this reclusion is that we from time to time can enjoy a new piece of Hardcore History.

It is a show where we get a more in depth look at decisive moments and epic journeys than we ever got in school. Dan is in his own words "a fan of history", but he is a fan with a major in history and an almost fanatical devotion to the pope to finding the explaining facts.

Recomended episodes:

Logical Insanity - on why someone might think the A-bomb is a humane weapon

Prophets of doom - about a religious and social revolution gone terribly wrong

The Good Life Project

A conversation about the things that bring meaning to life, and the things that might detract from it. John Fields sits down with with authors, TED talkers, designers and many other in his own living room to talk about the things that are dearest to their hearts.

It is a show that is built on feelings and the exploration of self.

Available both as video feeds and podcasts.

Recomended episodes:

Brene Brown - On gratitude, Vulnerability and Courage

Ash Beckham - Closets are no place to live

The Tim Ferriss Show

If you are interested in personal development, maximising the gifts mother nature gave you or simply want to be the most profitable Angel Investor in the world, then the Tim Ferriss Show is for you.

Tim interviews highly successfull people from all walks of life. A chess prodigy, a hippie turned tech guru, an FBI futurist and many more.

All episodes are worth your time and most are a blast!

Recomended episodes:

Kevin Kelly - founder of WIRED and a fan of the Amish

Tracy DiNuzio - founder of about her entrepreneurial travels and much more


"A podcast about screenwriting and things that are interesting to screenwriters" and quite francly, to most who love movies and the process behind them.

Hollywood screenwriters John August and Craig Maizin talk about the craft of screenwriting, their inspirations, sucesses, failures and every day events in the movie business.

If you like movies (who don't) and want to know more about the craft from a writers standpoint, dive in at any episode and swim around in the scripnotes ocean.

Chase Jarvis Live

A show centered on creativity in the visual mediums, mainly Chase's own: photography and movies.

Chase sits down with his guest in front of a live audience and delves into their greatest achievements, trying to find out what made them (both person and project) into a success.

Personal, friendly and sometimes surprising.

Recomended episodes:

Survivorman Les Stroud - about doing the thing you love event though noone (not even you) belive in it

Tina Roth - Your Side Project Is Your Next Big Win

Mer Av Allt (in Swedish)

And finally a plug for my own project in my native tongue.

If swedish is a language you enjoy, I would love for you to come in and listen.

Me and my friend Erik talks with each other and people who inspire us about creativity, creative project and getting things done.

I hope that your life will be enriched by some of the pods above, and please let me know what your favourite pods are!

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