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Document your thoughts and ideas

An idea never caught, might as well be an idea never thought!

Make sure you have at least one way to capture the thoughts, ideas and inspirations you get when they come to you.

The tools I use the most are:

   Now the smartphone is of course a bit like cheating (in a good way) since it contains all of the above. I personally use an android device and love the app Mobisle Notes for writing down ideas on the fly. It has the ability to connect to my google accout to back up on my google drive, but does not need a connection to function when I need to write in it.

   If you need one or more of the items above, consider following the affilliate links to read more about the four items I've provided pictures of throughout the post. They are all price worthy contestants with high grades.

Crap is a fertilizer

Something done crappy is better than nothing made perfectly

You might think that failures are something to be avoided at all cost.

You probably have heard the old adage that "you can only learn from your mistakes" and thought to yourself, "what a load of hogwash!" and moved on to funnier, easier projects.

Well truth be told you can learn from both failures and successes, but you will have a very hard time indeed to make progress in life if you always stop a venture when you fail at something.

Failure is not the only learning option, but neither is it a game stopper.

Failure is simply lifes way of telling us to keep trying, because success is just around the corner (perhaps not this corner, but some corner to come).

More importantly, something done crappy is better than nothing made perfectly. And the more crap you produce, the more it will fertilize the growth of your skills and confidence.

If you're determined not to shy away from failure, from half baked results or wonky finished products, you will get more done, you will produce more.

And you will continue to evolve towards the person you want to be. The person whose life you want to live.


5 minutes every week adds up to 4 hours and 40 minutes a year, and if you start on your 5 minutes you will most likely to 10-15-30 or more.

Before you know it youve squeezed in an extra work week, just for your personal passion project.

It's a matter of seeing the spaces and acting on them.

It does not mean to never rest or to never enjoy the moment.

What it means is to make use of all those moments when you simply stand around waiting for other things to happen.

Passion doesent happen, it is wrought from life by those who wants it. Strong, weak, smart, feable. It does'nt matter, what matters is your will to do and to do it when opportunity arises.

As Terry Rossio put it: Never Wait

Keep your sh**t together

A place for everything and everything in its place

Create a space to keep your project and make sure that it always ends up there when your five (or thirty) minutes are up.

Keep the tools and parts in order so that the next time you have five minutes it takes no more than one or two to get started.

If you have to look around for even one tool or part for more than five minutes, well then five minutes a week might be a bit harder to cram in.

For example: If your project is to work on digital photos, don't keep all the pictures in one folder. Organize them after year, month, maybe even the particular dates they where taken and collect the ones your working on now in a special named project folder. When you get into the habit of always dumping the content of your camera to its date specific folders it will take almost no more time to do so, and finding a particular photo again will be much easier.

Or if your project is to build a piece of armour for your cat, then you should keep all hammers, chisels and whatnot easily accessible next to your work place and the armour in progress on its own dedicated shelf space. Both to find it easily and start working, but also so that you don't start piling other stuff on and around it in a haphazard manner.


And thats all there is to it...

You can always find new trick to improve, tweak or simply change the way you work (or procrastinate), but this is the basic tenants that I try to live by.

These four principles are the constants that I always return to in order to continue with and complete the things I do out of love and passion.

I hope that they will help you as well and if you have any improvements, tweaks och tricks you want to share, please do so. Either here below in the comments or by sending a mail to

Love /David

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