What is this affilliate thing anyway?


This blog is run on idealism and the sweat of my brow.

As a matter of fact, this blog costs me money each and every month.

So in order to perhaps get some of that back, and who knows perhaps make money of it one day (knock on wood), I'm adding small ways to make back some of my monetary investments to the blog.

An affilliate link means that, if you click the link and choose to buy something on the other end (for example the item I'm recomending) I will get a few percentages of the sale without them charging you a penny extra. It's simply their way of paying for (cheap) advertisement and possibly your way of saying thanks while buying something that you want.

So if you choose to buy something through one of my affilliate links, thank you. It means a lot to me even if it doesnt cost you a penny extra!

Love /David


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